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The best way to Avoid IRS Lien problems is to avoid IRS Tax Debt entirely. As logical as it sounds, we cannot emphasize this point enough. If you let the IRS problems persist without going to a tax attorney or a CPA, it will be only a matter of time before you will get an IRS Tax Lien on your property. You may not know about the IRS Tax Lien until your creditors are notified via your credit report. At that time, it may be too late to fight. Prevention is key, so don't let your IRS debt go unchecked and become a Tax Lien.


There are many tax liens that can be placed by the government on your real estate property or on your personal property. If a lien is placed on a house for unpaid taxes, then the seller cannot transfer the title until the money is paid. In some cases, a property owner can ask the IRS to subordinate the lien, which means that the lender will be the first to get paid, with the IRS coming second. If the lender is the first to get paid, then they will be more willing to help a troubled property owner refinance a mortgage.