Oleg Ikhelson, Esq., CPA Attorney-At-Law

Bar Admissions: NY, NJ, US Tax Court

Other Licenses: Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

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The Law Office of Oleg Ikhelson, Esq. provides a wide spectrum of tax preparation and tax planning services for individuals, corporations, business partners, estates, and LLCs (Limited Liability Corporations).

While most people do not associate an attorney with tax preparer, there are situations when services of a competent legal professional are imperative to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations. Business and personal financial decisions can lead to negative tax consequences. As a New York & New Jersey Tax Lawyer I will advise you in the areas of tax planning, minimizing your tax liabilities, filling returns and getting exemptions or rebates in a legal manner. I also will represent you or your company in cases of tax problems or disputes with the government. This involves negotiation with the IRS, fighting for the client in case criminal proceedings are initialized as well as working on reduction of penalties.


Seeking advice from a tax lawyer beforehand is strongly advised. All communications between the lawyer and client are highly confidential.

The NJ Tax Lawyer offers you a following tax services:

IRS problems: